Programming on the web for Virtual Reality – WebVR and A-Frame

The Mozilla foundation released a new javascript based framework for their WebVR platform.

A-Frame has the tagline “Building blocks for the virtual reality web”. It didn’t take long for it to be adopted by the React Community:

A Journey To Virtual Reality with React

Hands-on with virtual reality using A-Frame, React and Redux

The Getting Started page on A-Frame is your entry point to the exciting world of WebVR. Included on it is a link to a Codepen example:

See the Pen Hello World — A-Frame by MozVR (@mozvr) on CodePen.0

If you are looking for inspiration on getting started with your very own A-Frame project there is a Tumblr account to follow.

Made With A-Frame

And here is a simple walkthrough done by ARVR Magazine:


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