Virtual Reality Enhances Super Bowl Week

With the Arizona Cardinals and Carson Palmer, who’ve applied virtual reality to their game planning, one step closer to the Super Bowl it’s time to see what this year’s festivities have in store. As one can imagine there is plenty of planned VR use. As SportTechie writes…

“Filled with a series of interactive, motion capture games developed through a partnership with Britelite Immersive and Helios Interactive that utilize SAP’s design thinking approach and leverage the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, fans can play, track performance, and share their virtual football experiences in real-time. “One of our goals for Super Bowl 50 is to bring a digitally connected experience to fans visiting the Fan Energy Zone, while demonstrating the power and flexibility of our HANA platform,” said Steve Lucas, president of Platform Solutions, SAP.”

Definitely one of the highlights from this year’s Super Bowl festivities looks like the Quarterback Challenge. Forbes describes the virtual reality Quarterback Challenge as including…

“Virtual reality headsets where fans can “transform into a pro quarterback.”

The tech company says players will be able to simulate training drills from completing a pass in practice, to leading their team to victory in a game-day scenario. What they’re calling “Gaze detection technology” will supposedly allow fans to select which receiver they want to throw to and a hand-held trigger will measure timing and accuracy.”

In addition to those experiences, Forbes is also reporting Super Bowl 50 Will Have VR Headsets To Put Fans In The Game. NextVR, one of the premier recording companies for sports in virtual reality, will be allowing people to watch previously recorded games.

NextVR and the NFL will have a booth at San Francisco Moscone Center that will let fans watch past football games from four or five different camera perspectives in virtual reality. At CES last week, Brad Allen, executive chairman at NextVR, said new headset capabilities will provide a more vibrant virtual reality experience by adding head-tracking capabilities and a 4K display.

Here at The Reality Streaming we have a feeling this next piece of technology is going to be used for virtual reality CBS Sports is covering, EyeVision360 in Here’s CBS Sports’ Super Bowl 50 broadcast team and all-new offerings.

The EyeVision 360 system, comprised of 36 cameras strung around the upper deck of Levi’s Stadium, has the ability to freeze the moment and revolve around the play, then continue to play out the scene. It allows viewers to have a look in a moment’s time from what the quarterback sees in the pocket to the safety’s perspective or other points on the field.

Just wait until the Pylon Cams are used as part of the virtual experience, NFL goal line reviews will never be the same thanks to pylon cam. That article doesn’t go into the virtual reality aspect, but it doesn’t take a big imagination to see how they can be used going forward.

Sports Illustrated and Wired offer a glimpse into how Virtual Reality is changing Professional and College football.

Not only will the Super Bowl offer plenty of virtual reality opportunities, the ever-popular Puppy Bowl will also be offering virtual reality coverage.

Puppy Bowl XII will have a ton of extras in 360 degree video. Long live virtual reality. This year, the event will feature 84 puppies from 44 rescues across the United States and will represent “Team Ruff” and “Team Fluff.” So don’t miss out, you can get your virtual feet wet by ordering Google Cardboard and using it with your smart phone in time for the game!

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