When will iReality get here?

The DNA of India has a piece covering Apple’s Next Major Product.

Over two years ago, Apple bought a company that helped make the Xbox Kinect cameras. The Israeli company PrimeSense, made motion detecting technology that was used in Kinect Cameras for the Xbox 360. Gesture control would be extremely important as they give an additional form of input for an AR device. For example Microsoft’s HoloLens uses gesture control to navigate through most of its interface.

Apple also hired Nick Thompson from Microsoft, who helped engineer the HoloLens technology. According to Thompson’s LinkedIn page, he was the lead audio engineer for the HoloLens project. Thompson worked on Microsoft’s HoloLens project for over two years, so it makes sense that Apple made a strong effort to poach him from Microsoft. His LinkedIn page also says that Apple hired him in 2015.

In 2015 Apple kicked off a Virtual Reality Bus Tour with U2.

According to Tech Crunch, Apple Shows Off Its First-Ever Piece Of Virtual Reality Content With U2 Music Video, back in October 2015.

The music video itself incorporates 360 footage of a jam session from the band onstage as well as scenes from other musicians all across the world playing instruments in their apartments and homes.

They built that specific experience using Vrse. Their tagline is “Storytelling for Virtual Reality.” Their content production company works with a variety of well known national brands, Vrse.works.

They are not the only ones laying out a timeline of events and hires that make it likely that Apple is working on something related to Virtual or Augmented Reality. The Fool.com has an article from September, Here’s Everything We Know About Apple’s Augmented Reality Plans, laying out an even clearer timeline of event:

  • Back in February Apple was awarded a patent for head-mounted display in which an iPhone is slipped into the device as the main screen.
  • Apple’s also posted job openings for AR and VR positions, looking for people with “a proven track record in virtual and augmented reality.”
  • The company purchased the AR software company, Metaio, back in March, and now owns its 171 pending worldwide patents and 25 U.S. patents.
  • In 2013, Apple bought PrimeSense, the 3D sensor company that made some of the tech found in Microsoft’s Kinect.
  • And, of course, the recent hire of Thompson away from Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Investors are also lining up there calls that Apple will be entering the space. With Apple Insider reporting, Apple predicted to aggressively pursue virtual & augmented reality tech in 2016

Daniel Ives of FBR & Co. told investors this week that he expects Apple will be “very aggressive” in pursuing augmented and virtual reality technology over the coming year. To him, Apple will likely investigate the fledgling market “through organic and acquisitive means in 2016.”

2016 may not be the year that Apple releases a new hardware product targeting the markets but it is a year that looks like Apple will be heavily investing in the future of it. This is good news to everyone that is interested in virtual reality. And at The Reality Streaming, we’re eagerly awaiting to see what kind of hardware Apple produces in this market.

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