Virtually all wet?

A patent was filed on 07/06/15 by John Quarles of the University of Texas at San Antonio for an Underwater Virtual Reality System. It includes a head mounted display, breathing apparatus, body positioning sensor and a pool! Just based on that description I want the chance to use it. For now we’ll have to settle for a video of Shark Punch.

Specifically, we present a novel underwater VR game — Shark Punch — in which the user must fend off a virtual Great White shark with real punches in a real underwater environment. This video presents our underwater VR system and our iterative design process through field tests with a disabled user. We conclude with proposed usability, accessibility, and system design guidelines for future underwater VR rehabilitation games. —  Shark punch: A virtual reality game for aquatic rehabilitation

It’s great to see virtual reality being used in therapeutic settings, though I’ll take the chance just to play the game! Originally present at IEEE VR2015

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