Striving for Virtual Reality in the NBA

Various sports are hinting at a full on embrace of virtual reality. Just after our recent article, Virtual Reality Enhances Super Bowl Week, Lebron James’ company, Uninterrupted, collaborated with Felix & Paul Studios to bring basketball fans an even deeper way to experience what it’s like to train as Lebron James.

This comes months after the NBA streamed the Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans in VR. That game was the opening night of the 2015-16 NBA season. Even as far back as the 2013-14 season the NBA experimented with recording the Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets in virtual reality. NextVR is the company that has been working with the NBA and handled the streaming and technology behind the scenes.


The Lebron James, Striving to Greatness is available in the Oculus Store. This is a follow up in virtual reality to their release earlier in 2015 of the series on Facebook 360 Video. Never before had fans had this sense of truly being in the moment with their favorite sports star.

These in depth, part of the experience, feelings that are created with virtual reality show any entirely different side to the medium than game playing. Here you truly get a glimpse of the effort it takes these athletes to perform at the top of their game day after day.

As more and more athletes embrace virtual reality we will get an entirely new way to experience what it’s like to play in some of the most competitive sports against others that are at the top of their game.



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