LEO Innovations Canada Launches

A new direction for LEO Pharma in the launching of LEO Innovations Labs Canada. Even big pharma is getting into the virtual reality business. According to their press release:

People living with psoriasis will benefit from a range of services coming out of the LEO Innovation Lab, including web platforms, apps, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, tele-medicine and other integrated ‘one-stop shop’ solutions.

Expanding to encompass more of issues related to psoriasis, LEO Pharma has launched similar Innovation Labs in Denmark, United Kingdom, and France. It will be interesting to see what virtual reality applications they can come up with in regards to dry skin as the overall press release is light on details. With 100 million CAD and no profit requirements they have the funding in place to explore the healthtech potential of virtual reality. If you’d like to learn more visit LEO Innovations Lab website.

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