I’m Sold on Virtual Reality – A First Experience

My experience with the Knox Labs V2 Google Cardboard was an impressive one to say the least. Keep in mind I am using a two and a half year old Droid Mini which doesn’t even fully fit the holder. I had my reservations about a pair of cardboard goggles and a smart phone giving me a worthy virtual experience, I was wrong, this thing is awesome and its only the early stages.

The first thing I did was download an app called Vrse that allows you to download a variety of videos to your phone. The first one I downloaded and watch was called Catatonic which puts you in the wheelchair of a patient at a horrifying mental institution.

When I looked down I saw my legs covered with a rope. I then began to hear someone talking to me, so I turned my head around, there was a monster of a man pushing me on the chair. In front of me was a nurse that we followed down a hallway. As i rode through that hallway I would continue to look around as every where I look something was going on. I will not tell you the rest because it has some very, very creepy moments and an ending I wont ruin.

I’m apparently not the only person who thought this was a full on virtual experience.

The next video I watched, New Wave, was a beach scene. You are walking the beach as the water is hitting your feet, talk about relaxing. As immersive as that was, I decided to take it a step further. I went to the upstairs bathroom and filled the bathtub with two inches of water. That’s right…I stood barefoot, in a filled tub, while experiencing virtual reality and it was pretty freaking sweet. It was as close to the beach you will get without being there, short of standing outside in a baby pool and having running water, which come to think of it would be even cooler. I know, I have issues, what can I say, I like to have fun.

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The third video, Take Flight, was a flight video where you soared in the air. As I was lifted off the ground looking down at my feet, I flew up into the air like superman, it was an amazing feeling. Next time I need to get a headband for my Google Cardboard, holding the display while managing the superman pose is not an easy feat.

Once in the air, I must admit it lost a bit of the flying feeling overall it was still a worthwhile experience, especially flying back to the ground. Pro tip: Second time I watched it I sat on the couch and dangled my feet as if I was hovering in the air and it was much better.

You can be as creative as you want to improve your VR experience its all up to you and your imagination.

I had a private studio session with U2.

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I already knew how to play the song on guitar, and now I had a strap for my display learning from the last experience.

I grabbed my guitar, strapped it on, put the goggles on my head and played along with the band. How often do you get to do that? No matter what you like theres already something for everyone. This was the best twenty dollars I have spent in a long time.

So try it or don’t but virtual reality is coming and coming with some incredible ideas like programs to help doctors do VR surgery, or golfers practicing swings, this is going to change everything.

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