God Head | Global Game Jam 2016

The Reality Streaming got a chance to ask the team, Vincent Wing and John Francis Collins III, behind God Head, a Global Game Jam 2016 entry a few questions about their innovative tech demo. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s a two player game that combines both virtual and augmented reality into an overall game.


  1. What made you come up with this melding of virtual and augmented reality?

John and I recently received a research grant to make an AR/VR Gear VR app that teaches middle school kids some basic cellular biology. We have really cool ideas for what we want to do with that, and most of them involve using Vuforia, the Gear VR, and Leap Motion in interesting ways. We wanted to use the Global Game Jam to learn these tools better. We went into it thinking “what can we make in 48 hours that incorporates some of this tech?” God Head is the result.

  1. The game reminds me of the same kind of concept as Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Did you draw any inspiration from that type of teamwork and involvement?

It was John that suggested we make an asymmetrical game. I agreed. Games like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes can really multiply the fun-factor of VR by bringing other people into your experience. I thought about that and the theme of the jam, “ritual,” and that’s when the idea clicked. We could have a tiny VR player worshipping a giant AR God, and all it would take is a couple of headsets, a webcam, and an internet connection.

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We wanted to make it so the player had to go to an altar to pray to the God, which would strengthen its attacks. The God would have to clear a path through the enemies for the player to reach it, as well as escape paths for when the enemies got too close. We didn’t quite make it that far. It took 45 hours to get the technology working somewhat seamlessly together. We spent the last 3 hours programming the limited gameplay we have: several zombies that chase the Acolyte, and invisible God-beams that destroy the zombies.

I think we will continue working on this game. It has a lot of potential, and we can use pretty much all of our work here in our research project.

Editor’s Note – Check out their Github account for the latest versions: https://github.com/Vwing/GGJ2016

  1. What drew you and your teammate to VR and AR?

It’s just really exciting stuff, you know? It’s an entirely new medium for entertainment, education, and art, and it’s an honor to contribute to everyone’s growing understanding of what can be done with it. We hope VR and AR catch on in a big way, because it’s a blast to develop for, and it would be great if we could make a living doing this.

Virtual and Augmented companies don’t miss out! Both John and Vincent are looking to get into the development side of the field.

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