360 Degrees of YouTube

Hot off their recent hiring spree in YouTube Now Has a Global VR Evangelist, it is rumored that they are securing deals with hardware makers. While we already have stunning generate 360° videos on YouTube:

And stunning recorded ones:


YouTube Rumored To Be Working On 360-Degree, Live Streaming Video Platform which will open up an entire new way to experience remote events. Imagine going along for the extreme sports people do as they’re in the moment. Skiing(or snowboarding) down that mountain, base jumping off the cliff or building, live 360-degree video opens up whole new frontiers. This lines up neatly with reports that Google will be releasing new Virtual Reality hardware soon, Google releasing virtual reality headset this year, report says

In addition to the VR headset, the report also claims that Google will also release new Android VR software at the same time as the hardware. Specifically, Google is said to be working to improve the VR experience by making its new VR software a native part of the Android operating system.

What the report doesn’t mention is the VR camera that was strongly indicated in the Google job postings we highlighted last month, so it’s possible that the camera could be released separately, or is perhaps even as a part of the VR headset itself.

Until we have additional information, here’s a stop motion animation featuring the Simpsons and Ghostbusters to hold you over:


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