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Flat Weather Radar will be a thing of the Past

DopplerFlat Growing up we are used to seeing images like the one on the left. Watching the flat radar loop on a screen showing the last few hours. That is going to be a thing of the past if Dutch researchers have their way. Researchers at KNMI,Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, are looking to create 3d radar meteorological data visualizations. Say that 5 times fast…






With a great success we use Virtual Reality (VR) environments as a “place” to look on the complex atmospheric data. At KNMI we have a 3D visualization lab (3D-VIS Lab)equipped with VR PowerWall, a large stereoscopic projection screen. See images below. 3D-stereoscopic images are delivered by a powerful graphics workstation and 2 projectors whose images are polarized. The users wear depolarizing glasses which create the VR-effect of being surround by clouds and other atmospheric structures.

The project can be found at W3DX: Weather3DeXplorer and while it’s focusing on training the next generation of meteorologist, we’re fascinated at what will be done when this project is released to, or emulated by the general public.


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