Hololens Galaxy Explorer Update

Winner of Microsoft’s Share Your Idea contest, the don’t miss out on updates on Galaxy Explorer.

Microsoft Hololens

Using the Hololens people will be able to interact and explore a galaxy within their own living room.

Galaxy Explorer Updates

The dev team behind the project has made progress in a number of fields. Working on Gaze, Gesture, and Voice to interact with celestial bodies. Below is an example of a celestial core sample. Kind of looks like a newer version of the Death Star.

Interaction is Nice But it Needs to Look Good

Using density wave theory and a volumetric cloud rendered with a light field, the image below just whets our appetite to be able to hold a galaxy in our hands.

Transitions & Tone

The team investigated using audio and visual communications to alert you to change of state and distance.

Is Pluto a planet?

Microsoft is currently running a poll on whether Pluto should be included in the demo as a planet.

Keep up with the Team

The team behind this project is doing a great job with keeping

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