Google Chrome to Allow Browsing in VR

From The Verge, Google is working on a virtual reality version of Chrome for Android devices

Google wants the entirety of the internet to be explorable in virtual reality, and it’s started using its mobile Chrome browser to make that happen. The latest beta and developer versions of Chrome for Android include support for the open source WebVR standard, reports Road to VR. The dev version also makes mention of a “VR Shell” feature that, in the future, will enable mobile device headsets to browse any website regardless of whether it uses WebVR.

WebVR is a JavaScript API that helps facilitate the creation of VR-ready websites. The problem, up until now, is a lack of support for the rest of the web. That means going from a WebVR-supported site to a standard one involves removing your VR headset. Google’s new VR Shell for Chrome raises the possibility of a one-size-fits-all approach to making every website explorable in 360-degree virtual space.

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