Auto Insurers Begin to Use Virtual Reality to Explain Impaired Driving

Great insights on how a personal insurance company is using Virtual Reality to help people understand how serious impaired driving is. This is likely only the first-step as we see more and more insurance companies including health insurance brokers, look to virtual reality to better explain insurance concepts.

First SGI used real Saskatchewan people in its impaired driving ads, now it’s taking the message one step further.

The insurance company bought a new virtual reality simulator — the first of its kind in Saskatchewan, and the second across Canada — to take people through the potential outcome of driving high, or hopping in a vehicle with someone who’s impaired.

“This is something that’s really timely, given the fact that cannabis is about to become legal in Canada and it’s something that we all need to keep in mind,” said Tyler McMurchy, SGI’s manager of media relations.

“No matter what impairs you, if you’re getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and you’re impaired by alcohol, illegal drugs, legal drugs, prescription drugs — it doesn’t matter. Impaired is impaired.”

McMurchy added SGI has virtual reality scenarios for distracted driving and speeding, too.

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