One of the most exciting uses of enhanced reality, virtual or augmented, will be in an even deeper understanding of what is offered by museums across the world.

Explore Destroyed or Lost Museums and Art

RecoVR: Mosul – Created by Ziv Schneider and Laura Chen for The Economist Media Labs, this experience lets you explore the Museum of Mosul destroyed in 2014.


Museum of Stolen Art – Another project by Ziv Schneider, this one lets you walk around a museum full of art that has been stolen or looted over the years.

Virtual Museums

Digital Museum of Digital Art – Digital Museum of Digital Art presents the full range of contemporary Digital art, with a special focus on works by living New Media artists. DiMoDA is dedicated to collecting, preserving, interpreting and exhibiting Digital art and its collection while expanding the conscious experience of viewing Digital art in a Virtual space.

Real Museums Virtually

Courtauld Gallery – Using the WoofbertVR app you will be able to explore the famous Somerset House in London, England.

Turner Contemporary Gallery – Using the WoofbertVR app you explore the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate, Kent England.

Museum Exhibits

Dreams of Dali – Previously covered by TRS in, Explore Salvador Dali in Virtual Reality, this exhibit will let you become part of a Salvador Dali painting.

Non-Virtual Reality Tours

This section houses non-virtual reality tours that we think are still worth exploring. We’re looking forward to moving each of the links in this section to one of the virtual reality sections above!

Google Cultural Institute


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